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Natural Recreation - Relaxation in Harmony

The Acqua Relax Vivenes - Hotel Croce Bianca Canazei - is our wonderful oasis of calm and well-being for body and mind...

It all starts with an itinerary of drips of hot water and cold water in order to reactivate blood circulation; it is recommended in preparation for the following phases.

Open every day from 3:30 a.m to 8:00 p.m. Admission prohibited to anyone under 14.

Wellness Area with Sauna


Duration of a sauna session: about 10-15 minutes

Frequency: 2-3 sessions

Temperature: 80-100 °C

Humidity: 10-30%

It activates your circulation and detoxes your body. Your immune system will love it! Naturally our Finnish sauna is made of local wood; it will stimulate and regulate perspiration, clean your pores and make your skin soft and supple. The steam of sprinkling water on the hot stones enables you to take a deep breath and boost your immune system.


PINE BATH (biosauna)

Duration of session : 5-23 minutes of session

Frequency: 2-3 baths

Temperature: 50-60 °C

Humidity: 45-55%

You will benefit of the regenerating power of warmth and the healing power of our Alpine herbs in our Herbal sauna (approx. 60°C).




Duration: about 10-15 minutes

Frequency: not more than 1-2 sessions

Temperature: 40-50 °C

Humidity: ca.90%

The combination of steam, mild radiant heat and natural fragrances creates a very unique experience. Relax and enjoy the variety of different aromas while gazing into the starry sky. The steam will erase all traces of your day-to-day life and heal your skin, hair and respiratory system. Length of stay: approximately 20 minutes



Duration: 20-30 minutes as preferred

Frequency: 1-2 bahts

Temperature: 25-40 °C

Humidity: pleasant, damp, warm





Duration: 5-10 minutes

Frequency: accrding to type of session

Temperature: 15-38 °C

Cold and warm - in our Kneipp-area you will feel the power of water. Different water temperatures awaken your senses and supply your body with a new energy and power. Especially recommended after a long walk, sunbathing or after an exhausting exercise session.







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